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If you’re like our team at Backcountry Wok, you’re also missing the great outdoors. These are trying times for everyone – the self-isolation and endless stream of bleak news can take a toll on all of us, so we’ve compiled a list of our favourite flicks for some informative and engaging distractions. Our top six outdoor movies to watch below that will satisfy your thirst for adventure and knowledge while sweeping you off into beautiful landscapes and dramatic plots.

1) The Way Back

Inspired by the story of a former Polish prisoner of war that escaped the Soviet Gulag and walked 4,000 miles to his freedom, this survival film is a gripping and suspenseful watch. Peter Weir’s exciting spectacle documents a dysfunctional group’s escape from imprisonment in Siberia. The story follows their journey across the Gobi Desert, Tibet, and the Himalayas. The movie is visually beautiful, capturing stunning cinematic shots of the outdoors throughout. The sweeping landscapes is a favourite for us and its adventure-packed storyline makes this one of our top adventure films.

2) Into the Wild

A heartbreaking story, but beautiful and powerful story. Into the Wild explores the story of Christopher McCandless, an ambitious and adventurous man with a passion for the natural world. In an effort to find himself and connect with nature, he was determined to trek the wilds of Alaska on his own. Emile Hirsch’s riveting performance takes you through the troubled yet fascinating mind of Chris McCandless. Furthermore, it delves into his wonderful connection with the great outdoors. This film reminds us of the revitalising and transformative experiences that nature can deliver, while also noting its dangers and the importance of being well prepared.  

3) Backcountry

We’re certain that this Canadian nature–survival horror film will keep you on your toes throughout. The movie loosely follows the true story of Mark Jordan and Jacqueline Perry and their experiences with a man-eating bear at Missinaibi Lake Provincial Park. The cinematic scenes and strong acting make this film a deeply engrossing and enjoyable watch. Much of the filming was done in the stunning nature around Powassan, Ontario and Caddy Lake, Manitoba. 

4) Grizzly Man

Timothy Treadwell, an environmentalist and bear enthusiast, lived among grizzly bears in an Alaska’s Katmai National Park for 13 summers. This documentary ventures into this perplexing and eccentric character’s life and death. Renowned Director Werner Herzog expertly compiles footage that highlights Treadwell’s passion for bears and his unique relationship with them. The documentary provides unique insights into a troubled yet passionate love for nature which leads him to ignore many boundaries. 

5) A River Runs Through It

Set in Montana, this American drama has no shortage of beautiful scenery. Based on Norman MacLean’s semi-autobiographical novel, the story covers the coming of age of the two sons of a Presbyterian minister. Each brother chose different paths, with one being studious and the other rebellious, but they maintained a strong connection through their love for fly fishing. The movie captures the bonds created and peace that can be found by interacting with nature. Despite our differences and paths in life, this film is a reminder that the outdoors can bring us together.

6) Trashed

For any nature enthusiast or environmentalist, this film is a must-see. Trashed investigates the dangers that the pollution of our air, land, and sea by waste pose to the food chain and the environment. Actor Jeremy Irons examines the damages of humanity's modern wasteful consumerism and pollution. He engages with politicians, scientists, and ordinary individuals to create a global conversation about the immediate and very potent dangers of the current levels of waste production. The documentary is highly thought-provoking and expertly filmed, making it a captivating watch. We recommend this movie to anyone that is passionate about global environmental issues.

Besides our top six films, there are plenty of other movies that we loved like “From Cast Away” and “Seven Years in Tibet.” We feel that this is a comprehensive and refreshing mix that should keep you busy, entertained, and informed through your time at home. If you’re looking for a tasty meal to go along with your movie marathon, check out our website for some Backcountry Wok meals. Stay positive, healthy and leave us a comment on what you thought of our list and movies you would add.

Ruya Rangara 

Marketing @ Backcountry Wok

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