Why bamboo utensils are the way to go

As a company that loves the environment and promotes environmental sustainability, we are do more and better with less. An obstacle that we have always encountered on our backcountry adventures is replacing single-use plastics with sustainable solutions. Single-use plastics are often packaged with your take-out meal or may be the only portable and cheap option readily available at your local supermarket. It can be challenging to avoid them, but we've got a simple, affordable and stylish alternative for you! We've been using our Bamboo cutlery kit + linen case and we're excited to share with you what makes this set so special.





What's included?

This Bamboo cutlery kit + linen case comes with everything you need to eat on the go. It's got a bamboo fork, knife, spoon, straight stainless steel straw (straight and bent), bamboo straw, straw cleaner, and even a set of bamboo chopsticks. We've included cutlery for yourself and enough to share. Whether you are eager to dig into your delicious Backcountry Wok meal on the trail or eating your takeout meals on the go, you will always be ready to dig in.


What makes this kit so special?

Not only do the cutlery and linen case look sleek, but they are also strong, durable, and made of eco-friendly materials. Not only does it look great but it is more durable and enjoyable to use than flimsy plastic cutlery. Plus, it is super easy to clean. The bamboo cutlery can be washed in the same way you would clean metal utensils. A useful tip to prolong the life of your bamboo cutlery is to skip the dishwasher and avoid submerging it in water for extended periods. Don’t forget to use your straw cleaner to get to all those hard-to-reach places on the insides of your reusable straws. Our favourite aspect of this kit has to be how light, compact, and portable it is. You will find them included with your Backcountry Wok's Wok Packs. It has been a perfect addition to our backpacks.



 What's so great about metal straws?

Firstly, stainless steel straws are FDA-approved and there is no need to worry about BPA (Bisphenol A) and other harmful toxins when using them. Repeated use of plastic straws can be dangerous and is recommended to be avoided for your health. Additionally, plastic is accumulating in landfills across the world and its pollution is immensely damaging to the environment. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, a lot of people have been switching over to metal straws. They make for an ideal choice as they are sturdy and durable, yet they are also lightweight and easily transported. 


Why choose bamboo utensils?

Bamboo has grown as a popular alternative to single-use plastic cutlery and straws. Interestingly, a bamboo utensil takes about 3 years to compost compared to 1,000 years for a single-use plastic utensil. Beyond being compostable at the end of its life cycle, bamboo products are made from a rapidly renewable material and are therefore highly sustainable. Bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing plants and can be harvested without killing the plant. However, the popularity of bamboo products often come from their smooth and aesthetically-pleasing look, along with their solidity. While they are light and portable, they are remarkably durable and strong. Bamboo is also a poor conductor of heat, making it ideal for drinking or stirring a hot drink. They are easy to maintain and ultimately so light that you won't even notice them in your pocket or bag.  




Now, that we’ve mentioned why this cutlery set should be a part of every backpack, be it for the trails or for school, make sure to find your exclusive #wokonthewildside engraved cutlery set in a natural coloured linen case on our website here!


Ruya Rangara

Marketing @ Backcountry Wok

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