About Us

As avid campers and environmental scientists, we were frustrated with the lack of eco-friendly and diverse backpacking meals. Most dehydrated foods are usually packaged in layers of plastic and aluminum waste, feature the same types of flavours and filled with salts and preservatives.

It’s no wonder dehydrated foods have such a bad reputation.

We thought there had to be a better way.

In 2017, we started cooking and dehydrating our own meals for our adventures. Soon, we started sharing our food with friends we met on the trails. People loved our idea and food – and Backcountry Wok was born!

Today, we are proudly based in Ottawa with 100% home and industrial compostable packaging.

With three Asian-inspired dishes (& more to come), we bring multi-cultural flavours to the backcountry – because more than ever, there are diverse people exploring the outdoors and it is time our food reflects this diversity.

We strongly believe in supporting local and contributing to our community – we make every effort to source our ingredients from local producers.

As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we also understand the importance of good nutrition, especially while on the trails. That's why we work with a dietician and a chef, so you can count on our food to taste great and keep you fuelled on your adventures.

You can buy us online and find us at your local pop-ups and markets. Follow us on social media @backcountry_wok to find out where we will be at next! 


See you on the trails,
Your Backcountry Wok team

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